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  • Evaluating Innovation with Scorecards
    In this article we will take a look at some scorecards used to evaluate innovations, innovators, ideas and startups. If you’d like to use a scorecard shown here feel free to create an account at Innoscout – the tool for innovation scouting – or Innovote – the mobile award system […]
  • Methods for evaluating Innovation from Ideas to Startups
    The evaluation step of an innovation scouting process is the most time and resource consuming. A saying goes “ideas are worthless, execution is everything”. While the core message is that a not executed idea cannot result in value is true, the blanket statement that ideas are worthless distracts from a […]
  • The Innovation Scouting Process
    In What is Innovation Scouting? we discussed the necessity for organisations to implement innovation scouting into their culture. As these organisations grow and innovation leads become numerous they need to start adding dedicated resources so that leads don’t start falling through the cracks. In this article we present a best practice […]
  • What is Innovation Scouting?
    Roots in open innovation The term innovation scouting finds its roots in the field of open innovation. Building on earlier findings that openness benefits innovation, Prof. Chesbrough (Haas School of Business) coined the term. The idea being that companies need to allow for a flow of innovation across their organisational […]